International award Golden Pegasus to the artistic talent

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If we exclude the “Oscar TV” and the “David of Donatello”, the Golden Pegasus to artistic talent (that with the capital T) is certainly the third in Italy in order of importance for the quality of the award winners.


Monday, April 18th, 2005 at 20:30 at the Olimpic Theatre in Rome was held an event of great cultural and artistic importance.


The O.I.C.C.S. with the sponsorship of the Presidency of the Department of Politics for the promotion of Culture, tourism, sports and entertainment of the Lazio region in collaboration with the F.I.D. (Italian Dance Federation), assigned Sonia Nifosi and other highly prestigious figures such as Adalberto Baldoni, Giulia Base, Enrico Brignano, Nino Frassica, Franco Giovine, Leo Gullotta, Alberto Maccari, Giancarlo Magalli, Maria Amelia Monti, Salvatore Provino, Gigi Sabani, Silvan, Claudio Simonetti, Tom Sinatra, Silvio Spaccasi, Maria Paola Svampa and Bruno Vespa, the important international prize “Golden Pegasus to the artistic talent” (work of the sculptor Paolo Castellani) during the third edition of the “Symphony of Arts”.


During the evening the company of Sonia Nifosi has performed with the choreography “PROEMIO”:

all things come and go, between the shores of time and eternity. Choreographic-theatrical composition inspired by the relativity of time and space and the cosmic illusion. The chapter of a journey between modern physics and some laws of Theosophy. Fragments of thoughts of light beyond the conditioning and cultural barriers. On thoughts and choreography by Sonia Nifosi, music by Mauro Bagella.

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