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Friday, December 11, 2015 – Hall of Mirrors-Municipality of Frascati-at 16:30 waiting for the show “EDITH Piaf, everything has yet to begin”

On the occasion of the debut of 18 December 2015 at the CAVOUR AUDITORIUM in Frascati, Rome (Piazza del Gesù 18), the Speaker Giammichele  Meloni will present the show “EDITH Piaf, everything has yet to begin”, introducing the life and history of the extraordinary French singer EDITH PIAF and immersing the public towards the most hidden creative processes of the staging of Sonia Nifosi’s choreographic work.

In this manner the Sonia Nifosi Motion Dance Group company is preparing to celebrate the famous singer birth centenary with three evenings-event in a small preview in Frascati of what will be the third unpublished edition of a show that has enjoyed and enjoys great success of critics and audiences, homage and making luster to the Roman castles.

(1st edition “Padam, Padam….. Piaf!” Artistic season 2008/09; 2nd dition “La Vie en Rose” artistic season 2013/14)

SAVE the DATE: Do not miss in particular the reply of 19 December 2015, the day of the birth of the Parisian star! Celebrate with us this particular anniversary

By Fernando | March 7th, 2017 | news