A new dance group for Sonia NIFOSI

By | March 7th, 2017|news|

A new dance group for Sonia NIFOSI

Sonia NIFOSI after a very difficult critical period of her life, dedicated her attention and her commitment to a new group of dancers, after years of militancy in the choreography and after building generations of dancers, Teachers and choreographers.

Her well-known neoclassical-contemporary dance company in 2010 with the production entitled “Juliet of the spirits, these and other ghosts” is again renamed as SONIA NIFOSI MOTION DANCE GROUP.

The Motion dance Group was wanted with the intention of merging classical, neoclassical, modern and contemporary dance with theatre and cinema, giving life to a new type of technical and expressive language based on the continuous research of the possibilities of dancer’s body.

Under the guidance of the well-known artistic director, the SMDG has established itself as one of the best and innovative Italian companies, proposing a vast repertoire that alternates neoclassical, modern and contemporary ballets to abstract or narrative ones the entire night.

It is only today that one can define a “new work” at a time when an old inspiration finally takes shape in a new reality. An artistic revival already recognized by the international critics who calls Nifosi to continue the creation of new ballets in the world and to bring her theatre company on a tour of great prestige.


By Fernando | March 7th, 2017 | news