16 March 2012 Ai Frari theatre (Venice)

5 May 2012 Cavour theatre (Imperia)

28 May 2012 Dell’angelo theatre (Rome)

3 June 2012 Giacosa theatre (Aosta)

Dancers on stage seeking the most authentic space of their existence. The staging as a projection of a ritual built on the productive compulsory of the theatrical apparatus. Associations of ideas, fantasies, internal recalls that move in any order between the daily world of dancers and that of J. Swift’s “Gulliver’s Travels”.

A creative adventure that takes place in an apparent disorder of the scene-not scene. A staging scenic space for artists who travel through the stages of production of a debut show, developing connections and interweaving that bring back to childhood where mark the images taken from a fairy tale with a bit  paradoxical content where, changing the dimensions of human beings, changes the proportion of facts and then the judgment on facts themselves.

It was born as a study to reflect and thinking on the concept of appearance and on the search for being, along the road of subtle laws by means of which one obtains the knowledge of dominance of oneself, on material reality through what is behind dance signed Nifosi

Regia and choreography: Sonia Nifosi

Music: Rene Aubry, Philip Glass, Arvo Part, Einaudi

Editing and re-recording: Nicola Manuel Tallino

Scenes and costumes: Red Bodò

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