18-20 December 2015 Cavour Auditorium (Frascati) music, dance and theatre inspired by the life of Edith Piaf and to the enchantment of her voice

The spectacle on the life of Edith Piaf has two previous editions: the first was held in 2009 and the second in 2013 on the occasion of the fiftieth anniversary of Edith PIAF’s death (10 October 1963-10 October 2013). Both editions received a great success of critics and audience. With a large demand, one wants to replicate with a third and new work on the occasion of the centenary of a great myth’s birth of the French song (December 19, 1915-19 December 2015). A succession of atmospheres that come alive through the actors as figure of Edith Piaf’s sister, Simone Berteaut, as the poet and existentialist playwright Jean Cocteau, great singer’s friend, as three entrepreneurs and that of Marcel Cerdan, his greatest love. Through the storytelling of the actors, viewers will be introduced within the history and poetics of the time that will be displayed through the choreographic and musical path. The choreography in fact, born on Edith Piaf’s songs, create suggestions in the sign of memories that manifest and then disappear. PIAF’s life is contained in her songs, her songs enclose her life, so the dancers through the “play of the theatre” allow you to browse in it. Very interesting operation for the public will be discover how theatre, music and dance merge in the direction of a show and listening to the songs’ lyrics in French, whose translation will be displayed inside the danced part. Texts, direction and choreography: Sonia Nifosi. Music: Edith Piaf. Lighting Design: Tony Di Tore. Scenes and costumes: Red Bodò

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