4-9 May 2010 Dell’angelo theatre (Rome)

Eight visions freely taken from the homonymous film by Federico Fellini of 1965

The protagonist’s life-as it was that of each of us-is full of presences, of ghosts that her own unconscious projects on her, interpreting and living in her own way everything happens to her. The spirits of Juliet in some way are our own spirits, also those of the same Federico Fellini, those who animate the human, daily comedy. There’s not to be frightened of. The serene acceptance of these ghosts of ours is the condition for a rich life, the humus on which we build all that is not just material. It is true that in some moments, these presences can be terrible, objectively differing and hostile. Then they make us–we do–of evil. Those presences then become the pathological sign of the suspense disharmony of our personality and our life. As soon as we find inner peace, as soon as we recover our equilibrium, those altered ghosts disappear and give way to the presence of “friends”, sweet echoes of the consciousness in a quiet state, indelible traces of our past and of the affective life, of those who loved us and that we loved.

In addition to some typical content of Fellini’s thought – a certain representation of woman, Eros and marriage, the relationship between men and women – the show tries to capture and revive the suggestions of the film, the rich phantasmagoria of images, tic, visions always caught between dream and reality.

Back to creation after a very critical period of her life, Sonia Nifosi looks to the theatre with a renewed interest and for this reason she wants with her authors who have of the theatrical representation a vision akin to her. With them, Sonia Nifosi, invented, created and realized for the first time the great “Multi artistic score”: she fused theh her particular dance, born from a careful research conducted on the movements of his dancers and on the gestures of the characters themselves of the movie, with the original music rich in new sound experiments, with an inventive reinterpretation of the text called ” Sound set-up of the word “and with the expert video creations and extraordinary effects of light and colors. To the synergy of these means she entrusted the reconstruction of the complex dreamlike and fantastic world of Fellini, completing the work with a masterful and elegant duty for the scenes and the costumes.


Director and Choreography: Sonia Nifosi

Original music: Mauro Bagella

Lyrics and sound set-up of the word: Marialisa Monna

Lights and Video: Nicola Manuel Tallino

Scenes and costumes: Red Bodò