13-15 May 2011 Greek theatre (Rome)

The work wants to evoke synthetically impressions, suggestions, landmarks and modes of life and contemporary culture and to do this it focuses on a small story-not story. It is the protagonist MooM, hypersensitive and solitary teenager-the name is a palindrome of his real name’s initials-which is struggling to enter the adults’ world because of that world he sees every tearing contradiction, every pretentious lie. His family does not help him, parents and sister who love him but from whom MooM does not feel understood. In the house from which the boy is about to move, all the signs of his passion for art, the numerous literary echoes and the most refined and varied musical suggestions, constitute the world of MooM, a sort of refuge from the life that is populated now, at the time to leave, of the images which are the materialization of his memories. In that small stronghold, under siege by the noisy presence and intrusive of the people and of contemporary communication’s forms (TV, telephone, computer and Internet) only at the end, on the eve of the move and with the mediation of a shared passion for books, will come other boys – the hated “peers”-to give him a hand to finally share with him time and space in a more open and reassuring dimension. The MooM teenager, sore and insecure, goes to a new home, finally opening himself to the challenges of life to become a man

Direction and choreography: Sonia Nifosi

Original music: Mauro Bagella

Text and sound preparation of the word: Kenneth Monna

Light Designer: Nicola Manuel Tallino

Costumes: Red Bodò

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