March 27-April 5, 2009 Dell’angelo theatre (Rome)

Music, theatre, dance and poetry in a gestural vision inspired by the enchantment of Edith Piaf’s voice and her “Vie en Rose”

Everything about Edith Piaf is an authentic vertigo. So many events in her life and so many people who had to deal with her.

Many songs, but above all infinite emotions.

It seemed immediately inappropriate to find a single artist to interpret the role of PIAF. The feeling is then to see a little of her in many different women, thus experiencing a personality rich in facets and at the same time small and simple, like a sparrow (in argot Parisian Piaf)

A life made of moments where every misfortune would be sufficent to anyone to let herself die. Even when the end is near, continues stepping on the gas of her insane life, does not avoid obstacles, pulls straight throwing down pains and loves, letting herself washing over her, falling and getting up, drugging the fatigue, clinging with all her remaining strength on the microphone, because her voice – as in a spell – free itself once more.

The show tells the moments of life of Edith PIAF through the words of who was close to her as her sister Simone Berteaut, daughter of the same father Louis Gassion, Jean Cocteau her great and affectionate friend, her three impresarios namely Leplee, Asso and Berrier , Marcel Cerdan, boxer and world champion in middleweight, her only insane love and many other characters but especially through her songs that in a few minutes tell the story of whole lives. A mosaic formed by the choice of 29 of her most famous and songs. The “Theatre Game” begins: without fixed rules, these actors accompany the spectator through an emotional itinerary that highlights the life of Edith PIAF. The story of a woman for all the women who, as she did, do not reminisce Rien de Rien, the good and all evil that they have done. Sing till you die, and yet sing not to die. Everything has yet to begin

Lyrics, direction and choreography: Sonia Nifosi

Music: Edith Piaf

Lights: Tony Di Tore

Set Stylestes: Valentina Dell’Amore and Davide Gatta


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