Picassiana is the new creative adventure of Sonia Nifosi with her Motion Dance Group. Dance and theatre, images and suggestions, audiovisual elements in elaborate forms and mirror play involving the viewer to meet the artist who has left an indelible mark in the history of art.

Pablo Picasso is the absolute protagonist of the 20th century art.

Full of contradictions, he creates art as a reflection of his own life experiences.

The performance transports us to the artist’s atelier, allowing us to enter the authen,c space of his existence. The paintings identified in his workshop allow us to retrace the various periods and styles crossed throughout his life.

In his workspace, frequented by the greatest artists of the time, there is an emphasis on female figures, the women of his life. Leading the viewer to feel the emotion created between the artist and the one model, which is also the leitmotif of his entire work. The form of the atelier sometimes fades, alternating with memories of friends, wives, lovers and children. All memories which highlight the ambivalence of feelings by people, who have had a relationship with Picasso, we discover a complete spectrum of emotions powered by his life events, which merge into one essential clue to discover Picassiana.




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