Michelangelo’s David award for the artistic talent

The National Governing Council of the Italian Dance Federation in collaboration with the International Committee of the International Organization for Culture, Sport and Entertainment and with the approval of the Higher Council of Dance, has decreed the rose of characters that are distinguished in their professional fields, to which will be recognized the “Michelangelo’s David award 2011”.

The event is sponsored by the Conseil International de la Danse-UNESCO, the World Dance Council and the municipality of Nettuno. We have the pleasure to communicate that Sonia Nifosi, for her innate talent of professional choreographer, demonstrated in years of artistic activity, signing  directing jobs and choreographies of original dance shows with the international company “Sonia Nifosi Motion Dance Group “, will receive “Michelangelo’s David Award for the Artistic talent”. The award ceremony will take place at Paladanza Oasis Laguna Village of Nettuno as part of the final Grand gala of the Grand Final of 14th edition of National dance Competition ” Michelangelo’s David choreographed” Sunday, December 4, 2011.