On the 25th September 2012,in Rome – Frascati – Villa Apolloni, Sonia Nifosi along with her closest
and most trusted colleagues founded the first international cultural center for monitoring and
structuring of dance, high advanced training as an art form.
This has been the peek of SNS following the success over the years of forming incredible dancers,
teachers as well as choreographers, with her avant-garde programs and methods, both nationally
and internationally.
The Studio offers professional tutoring/teaching and consulting programs, theoretical and practical.
Moreover activities based on the individual’s level of technique but also on the target audience of
the attendee (students, teachers, dancers and any other professional of the sector).
– Floor barre and physiotechnique (Kniaseff Method)
– Classical ballet (Vaganova Method, French, American and English Style)
from propedeutical to academic courses 8th grade.
– Pointe technique (from Base level to advanced)
– Ballet technique for male dancers
– Character dance
– Pas de deux and partnering
– Repertoire classical and modern dance
– Neoclassical ballet (a particular approach between classical and
– Contemporary ballet, do not confuse with the Balanchine Technique)
– Contemporary (French Style)
– Modern dance (Graham, Limon and Cunningham)
– Jazz dance, French, American (Matt Mattox)
– Professional dancers’ classes
– Contact improvisation
– Choreography laboratory pedagogy laboratory theatre dance
– Consulting and private lessons
– Stage and master class monothematic
– Open classes give the possibility to attend lessons as well as participate and join during class, also
been able to be part of the performance rehearsal. Furthermore giving the opportunity to the
attendee to audition for the ongoing rehearsal of SNMG Motion Dance Group (corps de ballet)

Seminars and Workshops:
– History of dance
– Stagecraft, scenography
– Stage lighting design planning
– Planning and choreography
– Dance anatomy
– Dance medicine and science
– Personalized courses
– Exams for students with official international recognition diploma(s)
Long-term assistance Projects:
– Dance instructor training courses (classical ballet, contemporary, jazz)
– Ideation, creation and staging (mise-en-scene) of performances for schools or performances
for professionals dance companies
– Jury member in national and international dance competition events
– Auditions and try-outs